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what is kendama

KROM Kendama® is the world’s leading kendama brand and one of the pioneers in developing and evolving the traditional kendama – bringing it into the 21st century. Our goal is to make kendama the biggest secondary sport in the world. We bring back good old play, through new interactive formats. We believe the quote:  “Play as if working and work as if playing” 

can be applied to all of us. Focus on balancing the two needs to be increased, as the immersive digital world becomes an increasingly intense part of our lives. We simply love to play like back in the day, for the sake of the quality in our lives, hence our slogan: PLAY LIFE

We bring back good old play, through new interactive formats.

We love the toy that lets us step away from an increasingly digital world, allowing us to refresh and reconnect with the people around us.


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meet the team

Albert J. Kirvesmäki aka Jokbert

1992, based in Tampere, Finland, been playing kendama since July 2014

Specialty: Creative string tricks, new school flow, always innovating.

Got into dama: I got introduced to kendama through the local tricking community in Finland.

Bonz Atron

1994, based in Minnesota, been playing since 2012.

Specialty: Creativity and technicality fused; mainly stalls, tama grip tricks, and inventing brand-new moves.

Got into dama: At a friend’s party, I just saw a buddy playing and seriously didn’t put it down the whole night, then ordered my first dama the next day. Just fell in love!!

Dylan "DWESTY" Westmoreland

2001, based in California, been playing since 2014.

Specialty: Fast hands, candlesticks, and ghosts are some of my favorites. Lots of swaps and grip switches. 

Got into dama: Kendama was trending in Southern California in 2013/14 and by Spring 2014 it made its way to my middle school. I got my own kendama right before 2014 Summer break started, and I’ve never put it down since. 

Yasuhito Chiba

2009, based in Funabashi, has been playing since 2015.

Specialty: Freestyle flow

Got into dama: I was inspired to play kendama by Kodaman & Easy (KROM PRO IJI) from Zoomadanke.

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