We’re hyped to bring you the best NOIA series ever – updated design, tracking, shape and more!

Besides from the 1% shape, which we’re featuring for the first time in beech wood, we’ve also upgraded to the bullseye+ scope. The three thin white lines circling the hole has been updated with a thicker stripe going across the middle of the tama for stellar tracking from all angles.

One of the beauties of the method of the design process is that every single kendama has a unique pattern.

Designed in Denmark, Krom Kendama is the best selling Kendama in the world. Renowned for quality and balance, Krom is World Champ owned and endorsed.


KROM 1% shape ken
KROM bullseye + scope
Super sticky KROM LOL clear
A-grade beech wood
Base cup warp hole
Fresh top scope tracking
Mini bearing


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