The world’s best selling kendama got an upgrade, introducing the new POP LOL® for beginners and pros alike.

Updated with the CK shape, providing bigger cups, and the sticky LOL® clear helping you lace all your tricks with ease.

KROM CK shape ken in beech wood with triangle sticker. 61mm LOL® clear coated beech wood tama with a 30% white scope and “KROM” tracking stripe. Designed in Denmark, Krom Kendama is the best selling Kendama in the world. Renowned for quality and balance, Krom is World Champ owned and endorsed.

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Superior Built:
Our Kendama string and ball game have a unique construction, crafted from strong A-grade beech wood that is designed to withstand rigorous and frequent usage. The Kendama has a consistency of weight, hardness, and grain, providing a perfect balance and smooth texture.

Classic Design:
Originating somewhere during early 18th century, the Kendama ball and string is a classical Japanese toy with the stick and ball. Professional players have designed this colour toy with the perfect precision of each detail; the cups, tama, and spike. The Kendama has three cups, one at the end of the spike and two on each side. The player holds the stick and performs various tricks with the ball like lighthouse, lunar, and other balancing tricks.

Cognitive Benefits:
The Japanese ball string game is the best exercise to engage your mind, body, and spirit in a healthy way. The Kendama model enhances your reaction ability, improves reflexes, balance, and creativity, and also builds hand-eye coordination. This healthy exercise is suitable for dealing with cognitive balance problems in people of all ages – beginner or pro.

Comfortable Built:
The Kendama POP model has a perfectly smooth texture with flawless balance, made to let you have a perfect experience. The design of the perfectly balanced ball string game enables it to be used by both the left and right hands.

For Everyone:
This high-quality and perfectly designed Kendama string toy is appropriate for people of all skill levels. Whether you are a learning beginner or a skilled expert, this Kendama string pack is just the right size


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