Advanced kendama tricks

Consecutive Late Goon

The consecutive / continuous / never-ending late gooncircle kendama trick is an extremely difficult move to get down, it takes a high skill level to even start learning the necessary components and a lot of practice to lock in completely. We hope that this tutorial co-hosted by Bonz Atron and the homie @damatticus will help you get this mind melter down.

Late Goon

Yo, check out the vid and get to know the steps to mastering the late gooncircle, an advanced kendama trick with a lot of flair points to it. Shoutout to the special guest host, the homie @damatticus popping in alongside the boy Bonz Atron.

Lunar Blow Back

Check out the video below and let Bonz Atron walk you through the lunar blow back kendama trick, an amazing trick that you can get surprisingly consistent at with a bit of practice. Learn it today and turn heads tomorrow.