Beginner kendama tricks


The airplane is one of the most important tricks in the game, great to learn for beginners and a must for seasoned players for starting combos in tama grip. Taught to you by Bonz Atron, check the vid – pick up the tips.

Akimoto Swing

Time to learn the “Akimoto swing”, this kendama trick doesn’t necessarily have an official name but that doesn’t make it any less cool. Dubbed the Akimoto swing after Saturo Akimoto san, who has excelled with this trick for a minute and helped push it further in mainstream appeal. Learn this trick from your host Bonz Atron today and get creative with all the possibilities.


Classic doesn’t begin to describe the bird stall kendama trick, likely the first stall trick that most players get introduced to, this serves as an introduction into stalls in general and the mindset that there’s countless ways outside of the cups and the spike to utilize balance points on a kendama. Taught to you here by Bonz Atron.

Cold house

The cold pizza is one of the most OG kendama tricks in the book, a great sequence to learn for people in the beginner / intermediate skill level to add more moves to their arsenal and a great way to learn how to start combining different tricks in more complex lines. As always hosted by KROM PRO Bonz Atron.


An absolute classic, the lighthouse Kendama trick is a great challenge for beginners and an indispensable tool in the kit of the more seasoned players. Peep the video and learn one of the most important tricks in the game from one of the best players of all time, Bonz Atron.

String Trap

It’s real life magic… Actually it’s just a clever use of the string, nonetheless this kendama trick is so much fun and after watching the video below (and maybe practicing a bit) you’ll be able to land it as well. As always taught to you by Bonz Atron.