Intermediate kendama tricks

Splinter Spin

Tune in to learn the splinter spin from the person who invented it, Bonz Atron. The champ is giving you all the info you need to learn this banger he invented back in 2014.

Body Roll

Here to teach you the body roll kendama trick we of course have the legend Bonz Atron, pick up some tips and tricks on a starter to either a single trick banger or a longer line that can be taken in basically any direction you as a player would like to. The possibilities are endless.

Dry Kenflip Spike

Let Bonz Atron teach you the foundation for the dry pull up kenflip spike, a great kendama trick for people in the beginner / intermediate skill level as well as a wonderful trick to have in your kit as a start for more advanced combos. Check out the tutorial and get the tips on the optimal grip and more.

Goon Circle

A favorite of your host Bonz Atron, the gooncircle is the level up from the standard mooncircle trick. This explosive banger works both as a single trick, as a start to a combo or as the final pièce de résistance in a spacewalk flow line.

Hand Balance

The hand balance trick is exactly what it sounds like, a go to for the boy Bonz Atron in freestyle/performance settings, this trick takes a bit to get the hang of, but the end result is a great move to have in your repertoire.